Dear Tucker Carlson

Dear Tucker Carlson,

Hey Tuck, I just got done watching a segment of your show. You know, the one where you suggest that there should be a camera in every classroom in order to root out…let me get this accurate…”civilization ending poison.”

I’m going to zig where you thought most teachers would zag. I welcome your Orwellian cameras in my classroom. Frankly, I don’t know many teachers who would object to having people watch what we do. As a matter of fact, I hate to tell you this Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, but most of us spent the last year having video cameras in our classrooms.

See, I think you believe that your suggestion that people see what happens in our classrooms will somehow scare teachers. The truth of it is that we have been begging for years to have people, such as yourself, come into our classrooms. I somewhat famously asked Ms. DeVos to visit a public school before she became Secretary of Education ( It’s unclear whether she has yet to set foot in an actual public school classroom, but I digress. I sense that you think you’ll see all of us pinko teachers speaking endlessly about Critical Race Theory leading to…and again, let me get this right, “civilization ending poison.” I’ve been in a lot of classrooms (more than you I am willing to bet) and I think you’re going to be disappointed on that front.

What happens in America’s classrooms is teaching and learning. Your “spy cameras” will see teachers and students working together to be better every day. I’ll tell you what I saw on a tour of classrooms not that long ago. I saw a group of kindergartners trying to create bridges over running water with basic classroom supplies in a lesson about collaboration. I saw a high school literature class talking about the character development in The Glass Menagerie. I saw a middle school history class participating in group project where they had to solve problems in a fictional city, with specifics of how they would utilize resources and build public support for their projects. Anyone watching your cameras will see learning…all day every day.

For those who watch your “nanny cams” carefully, they’ll see a lot of other things as well. They will see teachers working with students who have vastly different life experiences. They will see students who are fluent in multiple languages working with teachers to become proficient in yet one more language. They will see students who are hungry get their one solid meal a day in the cafeteria. They will see students itching for more fine arts, industrial technology, or world languages to be offered in their school. In my classroom, if we’re being honest, they’ll probably hear some sketchy intonation from my saxophones, and I promise we’re working on it. But for sure, they will see learning…all day every day.

To be honest, I’m fascinated by the logistics of your proposal. In a world where school districts are struggling to recruit and maintain teachers, who is going to man your “citizen review boards” (setting aside the fact that public school teachers already answer to publicly elected school boards)? For instance, in my school district I sense you would need well over 500 cameras going every day. Who watches those 500 screens 10 hours a day (I want you watching my 7 am jazz band and my after school lessons)? What qualifications would these “experts” need to know what they were watching for? What happens when they catch a teacher teaching…let me get this right…”civilization ending poison?” Who do they report that to? I’m also curious who will pay for all of this incredible technology. Maybe I missed it, but can you point me to a K-12 institution where Critical Race Theory is being taught? Hell, can you define Critical Race Theory for all of us? I’m sure you’ve got answers to all of these questions.

Frankly, I’ve never been able to figure out, instead of dreaming up Orwellian plans to have Big Brother in all of our classrooms, why you don’t round up an army of bright young conservatives to actually step up and teach? Is it because teachers work hard, aren’t paid as much as those with similar educational backgrounds, don’t have support from our elected officials, constantly serve as punching bags for those who don’t understand public education, or is it just because it’s easier to throw rocks at a house than to build one?

Here’s the real deal Tuck, I grew up with my mom making me eat your family’s Salisbury Steaks once every couple of weeks (his family made Swanson TV dinners) for many years. I struggle to take advice on teaching and learning from a guy whose family made a steak that, on its best day, tastes like shoe leather that has been left out in a goat pasture for a few weeks. I get that Critical Race Theory is your latest attempt to scare your easily manipulated demographic, but let’s just admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

With all of that being said, count me on the cameras Tucky. Like many teachers, I’m in the early stages of understanding Critical Race Theory (most of us hadn’t heard about it until you and your people started crying about it), but if you find me teaching it, have one of the Tucker Youth watching your surveillance devices let me know. If Critical Race Theory involves talking honestly about American history, I’m probably doing that sometimes. I spent much of the last six years advocating for a way for teaching to become more transparent, and in the dumbest way possible, you are joining that crusade. Let’s make this happen TV Dinner Boy.


Patrick J. Kearney

Actual Teacher

By patrickjkearney

Middle School band director in Iowa. Past President of the Iowa Bandmasters Association. Views expressed on this blog are my own.

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Why are we so angry and impatient with one another?
Can we find some common ground here in this country beyond politics beyond opinion?
The teachers across this country have worked so hard in this last year to give our kids the best education possible at great expense to their time and efforts.
Let’s all stand together and appreciate them. Let’s all stand together.

I am a retired public school teacher, and I worked very hard teaching my students. However, it is wrong to teach Hate in the schools. Teachers should teach Love one another, not hate anyone because of the color of their skin.

Sandy Gaskins. I don’t think CRT is about “teaching hate.” It is about teaching an accurate historical accounting. This is a great country. But we have made mistakes over our 244-plus years. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging them. “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” We should not be teaching a white-washed version of our history.

Sandy Gaskins: CRT is ONLY taught in grad (Law) school. It has nothing to do with hate of anyone. Teaches how laws were crafted and how it affects different ethnic groups. Period. Please do your homework (!) on this, and while you’re at it, stop listening to Fox, NewsMax, etc. They need to create daily content to engage and enrage their viewers, and there’s nothing like fear to keep them coming back. Don’t be one of them.

Honest question, but where did the name “Critical Race Theory” come from? If it’s only used in law schools to teach how laws affected other races then I can understand the name. But if it’s going to filter down into high schools and younger and be more of a “transparent and accurate account of history” then maybe change the name to something that doesn’t sound so divisive. Maybe just, I don’t know, “American History” or “American Civilization” or “World History”. I feel like I’m missing something? Am I missing something?

Correct. Our common ground continues to be all sides’ refusal to admit to being that side.

You write as if an inability to understand why things are as they are is a virtue. Sorry, but the extreme cluelessness of your comment is not a good thing.

First off, stop with the bothsidesing “we” nonsense. Tucker Carlson is a evil, racist, sociopathic, rich, powerful liar. Any “common ground” you can find with him and similar right wingers isn’t worth having.

“Let’s all stand together.”

Go stand on Tucker Carlson’s front porch and say it.

Typical liberal, Tucker gives you facts with actual videos, emails and actual quotes. As soon as you are presented with facts you resort to personal attacks and call everyone a racist, YOU are the problem in this country!!

The Same can be said about the left….seems everyone thinks that their OPINION is the only right one. It is an opinion….neither right or wrong.

As a teacher/administrator in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Department
Of Defense Dependents Schools – 42!years total – you have verbalized so well what l and thousands and administrators ane teachers in American schools do and see every day in our classrooms.
I’ve had parents question what l did in my classroom and l always invited then in – unannounced, anytime.
Some came – and they left telling me that they finally understood and admired what happened in my classroom/school.
It is easy to criticize – it is difficult – though unbelievably rewarding to serve our children and l am so proud to be called a teacher!

All you have to do is read a couple of Tucker Carlson’s articles and you will see that he has no intent in trying to find common ground or urging us to stand together. He knows that if we stand together, he will be out of a job.

You’re crazy. Tucker wants us to find more common ground than most elite Democrats and MSM because they would be they ones out of a job should this great country of ours stand together again.

Tucker doesn’t speak against our country like others, such as Joy Reid, do.

Teaching CRT hurts the country, doesn’t help it. Trying to make today’s youth feel guilty for being one color or being victimized for being another color only seeks to divide us even more. That’s his point.

During COVID online teaching, parents in Phladelpia, saw a lot wrong in the classrooms, especially the idealogical views being taught. I think parents may see a lot of wrong with their children’s behavior as well. Put cameras in school rooms. One in the back and one in the front of the classroom.

So true, JonTB! sometimes I watch Fox just to see what they are saying….it’s PURE entertainment TV. In Germany, where they have strong anti-propaganda media laws, post WWII, Fox would not be allowed to have “News” in it’s name – it’s just falsehoods, fear mongering, ego and division. Sad.

Dana C, When you’re ready to join the rest of us on Earth 1, we’ll be happy to explain to you why Tucker Carlson (and Ingraham and Hannity, et al) are only trying to make you and others like you who apparently live on Earth 2 (aka, the alternate non-reality the Previous Guy, Fox, OAN, etc. espouse) fear for your lives and to dismiss any discussion of the REAL issues facing the nation. Critical Race Theory was dredged up by the right-wing group ALEC and pushed by GOP legislators (who seemingly know as little about it as you do) to substitute for their total lack of any coherent agenda that would actually help regular US citizens. Before ALEC and others pushing the right-wing’s agenda, no one except law students (as previously noted) had even heard about this. And thank you, David Barnosky, for the link explaining that even lawyers for Fox admit you can’t believe Tucker. Dana C, We’ll be waiting on Earth 1 for you.

Yes. Yes, yes..
Learning occurs when the heart of the teacher reaches the heart of the student…..all ages,all stages of life, all races, all genders ….
without exception. And music is the most perfect common denominator! Scientific proof shows that. Thank you, Patrick Kearny.

What an excellent and comprehensive retort! I am a special education teacher and I am assuming that if cameras were installed to spy on what a and how we teach that the public would be astounded at the due diligence , patience and compassion most teachers possess working with a challenging population of students!!

Tuck has bigger following and lots of influence because he has sheep like you who don’t check on any other source or point of view and simply believe anything he says including reinforcing the view that there were not fair elections and people should not trust the election process and Trump deserves to be allowed to repeat the lie that election was “stolen”. Independent thinking based on facts that are verifiable are way beyond you and Tucker Carlson, who agrees that there were antifa “spies” in the mob attack on the Capital. Try at least watching 15 minutes of CNN or NBC and 15 minutes of Fox each day at least to compare what Fox is passing off as “news”. Maybe then you can become an Independent Objective thinker.

To Gene O’Hara: “Who are “you” addressing when “you” are questioning “sheep like you” in your very first sentence and continue to make assumptions about that person? It’s always good to use a name when you decide to insult someone.

Gene O’Hara, I lament that you obviously lack even the most basic understandings of education and that parody is something you haven’t the slightest clue about.

Before ye cast stones, perhaps understand WTF you’re talking about!

Lost me at the stupid notion to try ro stomach 15 minutes of CNN. They wouldn’t know real news if the
y tried.

can i suggest you watch only your local news. when tucker carlson used as his defense in a court case that nobody in their right mind would believe what he is saying is true, it makes me question anyone who heard that defense and still listens to him. as it turns out, opinon news such as his – is not held to any standards, they can out and out lie and not be held accountable. not the case with “real” news such as local news. and i’m sad to say, that defense was also used by rachel carlson so it’s not just the right. everyone should stop watching rage porn – which is clearly working, as can be seen by all the anger and incivility expressed here – just stop. if the shows you’re watching are making you angry, turn them off. if they are attacking people instead of ideas, they are probably not real news. real news can be sued if they lie on TV. let’s get back to watching the real news and stop supporting shows that try to get you to hate.

All CNN and the other do is give us their opinion on how bad Trump is and never give us the NEWS. Why haven’t they reported on Hunter Biden?

Hey Sandy. Thanks for your concern. I’m curious. When is the last time you watched CNN or the others? As one who watches Fox, CNN, ABC, and PBS, I assure you, there is a fair amount of slant, left and right, going around. And as a former Trump voter, I can also say he didn’t do much good. Possibly “they” will report on Hunter Biden when it becomes relevant. with actual facts, not just the alleged facts propagated by muckrakers who make millions from sensationalism. Keep watching. And, more importantly, start thinking critically. Neither side is on your side.

Are you serious. Fox had to admit in a lawsuit that they are an entertainment organization, not a news organization. You said you were a teacher for 42 years that is ashame because you obviously incapable of learning and evaluating.

Gene, You need to evaluate your own misconceptions about fact finding. You suggest people watch CNN and FOX for balances information. What a joke. People need to start reading again. Read professional journals, medical journals, the Financial Times, etc. Learn a new skills, a new language, anything based on solid knowledge based learning. Stop sitting around waiting to be spoonfeed what some network thinks you should know. Cut the cord on propaganda TV both right and left and consider how freeing it is to be an independent thinker. Real knowledge is power.

I find Reuters and AP News to be fairly accurate and less prone to rage porn. One interesting thing is when a blind bias survey was completed people on the right were more likely to perceive left bias in Reuters. But when an independent review is done, Reuters is found to be dead center. Interesting. Food for thought…

As sick as this sounds, Goebbels who was Hitlers propagandist, was a propagandist for the love of his country. As twisted and hate filled was their ideology he believed in it. Tucker is a propagandist not for love of country but for love of profit. He is a propagandist for profit. Dividing a nation and leading it to civil war not on ideology and beliefs but because he wants a bigger boat…. Think about that.

Gene…you’re right…..easier to understand a zealot when they truly believe
their doctrine, but when it’s for profit, like suckertucker, it’s the same gluttonous
behavior common to the GOP…..He’s a liar, not even a good one, but he’ll be
popular to some, no matter what is said about him……thanks for your reply….

Tucker isn’t a Journalist he is a commentator just like the ladies of the View. Why people get all bent out of shape when he said stupid stuff? The same goes with Meadows on MSNBC. They are not Reporters, they are talking heads! If people want to watch and believe what they say then they are nothing more than Sheep.

Because when he speaks his shit, republican lawmakers parrot it on the floor of the house and senate, and literally quote him word for word. Then precious time is spent deconstruction g what the idiot republican lawmakers are saying that was said on fox news the day before.

Her name is Maddow, and she puts more research into her sneezes than Tucker has ever done in his life.

Thank you PK Stegen, You beat me to the punch. There’s no legitimate comparison between Tucker Carlson and the brilliant Rachel Maddow. You only have to look at their background to build a case. Rachel Maddow: public school – Stanford U. – BA Public Policy, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford U. – MA.+ Doctorate Politics, Smith College – Honorary LL.D
Tucker Carlson: Kicked out of Boarding School in Switzerland, Private Boarding School in CA, BS in history – Trinity College CT. He applied to the CIA but was turned down Enough said.

She’s also a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD. Really. She’s Dr. Rachel Maddow, and he’s TV Dinner Child.

Dr Maddow is brilliant! Listening to her is like listening to a university professor!

It’s amusing when people like Mr. Healey who clearly have IQs below room temperature firmly off up their incoherent opinions as if they were great wisdom.

BTW, there is no “Meadows” on MSNBC.

Yes. They ARE sheep. But what Tucker is spewing is dangerous. As Kearney stated, “I get that Critical Race Theory is your latest attempt to scare your easily manipulated demographic.” FEAR is being used to MANIPULATE a not-terribly-bright segment of the population to do things like storm the capitol, not get vaccinated, buy more guns, believe “the big lie”, ascribe to countless (RIDICULOUS) conspiracy theories, etc., etc. The crap he spouts is DANGEROUS.

Because “commentators” and other people in the media have INFLUENCE, that’s why. Haven’t you seen the downhill slide in the past couple of decades in political discourse and politics in general as it relates to the increased popularity of Fox “News”?

Um, a big difference between Tuck and Maddow is that she was a Rhodes scholar, earned a PhD in political science and has written two very well researched, well received books on the state of the military and the power of Big Oil. She’s no sheep, and though she’s a great storyteller, she’s a lot more than a talking head.

My parents taught me this: “Learn from your mistakes so you won’t repeat them.” How can a country make progress if its children are taught that its leaders never made mistakes? The American economy grew out of the kidnapping and cruel enslavement of people from Africa and their descendants. Enslaved people picked the cotton and tobacco, built the fancy homes and government buildings and provided the raw materials processed in American factories. American businesses thrived though the theft, broken treaties and attempted genocide of Native Americans. Laws were passed to legalize discrimination against immigrants from Africa, China, Japan, Ireland and other places as well as Americans with darker skin. How can we expect our children to grow into responsible leaders if we paint a rosy but incomplete picture of our past? My parents also taught me “Honesty is the best policy.”

They won’t grow into responsible leaders, just as the GOP prefers. This way Republicans get away with rape, pillage, murder and torture. Besides, they’re “free from the law”, God’s law. If they don’t care about God and his law, why would they care about any other laws?

They want people like Trumpvirus to always paint a rosy picture and as you eloquently stated NOT learn from nor correct past mistakes.

Public education for all is one of the major components of a successful democracy and if the misinformed ultra right nuts like Tucker can help destroy it they can form their authoritarian form of government to the peril of this nation. I worked for 41 years in public schools as a teacher, school psychologist and principal and never witnessed any of the bs Tucker refers to in our public schools. We need to unite and stand up to this neo-facist movement in our country before it is too late.

Yes David. There are no nuts on the left. Don Lemmon, Maddow, Stelter, Hayes, Tapper, Cooper, Cuomo. All liars and communists. Propaganda.
Your leftist views are oppressive. Teaching kids it’s about the color of their skin. Shame on you. Talk about a neo-fascist. You’re no longer a teacher so you probably have no idea what is going on. Wake up! Public education is a joke. Union jobs where you can never get fired for being a horrible teacher.

A: There are damn few communists left, and no communist countries.

The only place you find even a small communist community is in a religious setting or philosophical group sharing resources. There are none in power in any country.

B: Not teaching them it’s about the color of their skin is dereliction of duty. All black parents in this country knows their children is subject to discrimination at any time by govt employees and private sector workers. White kids need to be taught to understand how the real world works.

C: “Public education is a joke. ”

Maybe in bigoted states and right wing cheap education states. In Northwest Ohio the Trump Supporting newspaper I subscribe to has repeatedly reported on the state evaluations of school systems done annually. Three PUBLIC school systems were top, every year, followed by the Catholic schools.

US schools rank in the middle of the pack internationally. That same paper reported on a study that reported, if the worst 10% were brought up to just mediocre status the US would jump to the upper levels in academic performance.

Tell us again how wonderful the private school systems are.

You don’t even know the definition of communism and fascism, do you? If you did, communism would never have been mentioned, and fascism would be applied to right wing views, not leftist opinion.

So what are you doing to fix it? What are the alternatives? A Baptist private school where they teach that the black man was to be enslaved? I actually heard a Baptist preacher say that in a sermon. How is that better than public education?

Rene engle, calling everyone you don’t agree with does not make it so.
But, sure, go ahead and continue your MTG impersonation on this and any other forum you can niggle your way into.
We understand it boosts your ego. We also understand that your ilk is a cancer on America!

Rene: I am a teacher and think if you can do better, step up and teach our children. You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a middle school classroom before they filleted your sorry behind.

Oh my goodness, as if most of us born in the 50s didn’t suck in the propaganda that led to endless wars “ to save democracy” somewhere when our own was being stolen from us. This is just more of the divisive enraging pap that will allow us to be manipulated for another 60 years.

Rene, pls take your head out of Fox’s arse. It’s laughable that you clearly don’t know what a Communist is, don’t know what CRT is (a grad school course in Law), and go on about what Fox babbles about 24/7 to create enraging content for viewers like yourself. There is no big bad wolf on the Left out to get you. Oh, and every teacher I know works their ass off. You have a lot of nerve, but no critical thinking skills.

We absolutely need to start loudly standing up. My anxiety about the survival of our democracy is now at Defcon1.

Not just fox news, but the state reps who vote to not teach America’s past. History is still there, no matter how you try to cover up the past.

State reps who get their “information “ from people like Carlson and his ilk. They parrot the talking points Faux News wants their viewers to believe.

OMG, I am kind of in love right now! Thank you for your service to our children and our nation. I served for 10 years in the PTA, then 10 years on a publicly elected school board in Michigan, and could really dish on our delightful Betsy.

The very basis of the Conservative political philosophy is FEAR.

To be conservative is by definition, to resist change. (And they call liberals snowflakes). Fear of change; fear of the unknown; fear of anyone different; fear of things not being the same as they’ve “always been”; fear of every possible danger lurking around every corner (hence the need to be armed at all times).

So you take the set of people who feel this way and you specifically target them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with rumors, innuendo, lies, and utter BS reaffirming and reinforcing these fears continually for say, 10-15 years, carefully tailoring the presented viewpoint such that the “solutions” coincide with the interests of the powers pushing these narratives (e.g. Koch brothers for real, unlike the fantasy Soros narratives), and you get where we are today.

Hence the continual need to – as I put it – “weaponize” words. Socialism (gasp!) anyone? CRT??? And to continually create boogeymen de jour, which CRT is also. The simple FACT that CRT is not being taught to their children is dismissed in favor of the blind narrative being pushed into their heads.

You take this group of people and tell them immigrants are the source of all their problems and ills in life; tell them their friends and neighbors and family members who might have a different outlook than they do “hate our country” and are enemies; tell them all change is bad and anything new or different is evil; tell them that their religion is being attacked (even though it’s not); tell them scientific fact is fake (when it’s in conflict with the interests of the powers driving the narrative, e.g. global warming vs. Koch interests; or true when it supports those interests e.g. Monsanto); etc., etc., etc. And keep drilling this relentlessly into their heads 24/7/365 for 10-15 years, and you get what we have today. A drone army of pseudo-conservative minions who are no longer capable of differentiating fact from fiction; fantasy from reality (Jade Helm anyone?) ready, willing, and able to do the bidding of their orange queen.

It’s amazing just how successful this decades-long brainwashing program by Conservative Hate Media has been. Who would have thought?

Amen. The only moral imperative we have as a society is “Hold still while we sell you something.”

Dear Rene. It is not illegal to be stupid but you, should not advertise your stupidity. I doubt you even know what communism is much less who is a communist.

Bad sign when one resorts to ad hominem attacks to counter points.
Putting aside Tucker Carlson and having had to hear many of my child’s remote school lessons, there is definitely a gray area between objective facts and a social worldview being taught. This is true at least here in our school district in Liberal Majority Town within Liberal Majority State, USA. I’m sure some of the opposite world views are also being taught in Trump Majority State, USA.
I would love the opportunity to watch what is being taught. All the schools that streamed classes now do have the tech to have teachers stream themselves teaching. They can also do a school adapted more private Facebook live. Parents will watch as their time allows and would be able to color lessons taught as they see fit so the kid will at least be exposed to the parent’s perspective, as it should be whether we agree with the parents politics or not.

Great piece, Mr. Kearney. The GOP–Party of “small government”–now wants a big government to use cameras to (they think) intimidate teachers and to block access to voting so it can win more elections. That’s where we are.

This is a fine piece, but you need to amend it. Carlson’s family does not make Swanson dinners.

Lee r Paulson. (Yes, they do. Swanson as in Swanson TV dinners.) After Tucker’s mother, Lisa McNear Carlson, left the family when he was just 6 years old, his father, Dick Carlson, married Patricia Swanson when Tucker was 10, making him an heir to the frozen dinner family fortune (per Columbia Journalism Review ).

I have a great idea-ask Tucker to invite you to appear on his show-I’m sure he will extend an invitation to you and probably devote the whole show to debating the state of public education. I’ll be looking for it in your next missive. Hope you got the guts to leave the reservation Patty boy!

The sad thing is, he’s the mouthpiece, but there are many others that believe the lies about educators. I’ve tied 33 years, and would gladly have a camera in my room. No one believes half of the stuff that happens anyways, and I’d love to show them. There’s teaching, there’s learning, and then there’s all the other stuff we deal with. The sick kids, the kids being bullied, the lack of supplies, the on the spot change of plans because somebody else’s schedule was changed, the students that are disagreeing that you need to intercede with right now, and the list goes on. Never mind you might not feel well, or you might need to use the restroom, those 30 little lives are depending on you to continue with the lessons. It’s truly a shame the way that we have degraded public education. We get a week in May to say we appreciate our teachers and we are beat up the rest of the year. I’m grateful for all the teachers that my children have had.


A surveillance system
is a great idea. It would reduce unemployment. Think of all those people who would have jobs watching the videos and reporting! It worked in East Germany, when there was an “East” Germany

Patrick J. Kearney should see some of the schools I’ve been in. He would see quite a different thing. The more Liberal the schools, the more hopeless the students.
Nice try.

Tucky does whatever he thinks will raise ratings and, in return, increase his pay.

Not only is he less nutritious than a Swanson Salisbury Steak dinner, he’s less intelligent.

Dear Patrick,

What you fail to understand is that Tucker wants us to find more common ground than most elite Democrats and MSM because they would be the ones out of a job should this great country of ours stand together again.

Tucker doesn’t speak against our country like others, such as Joy Reid, do. This also includes many in our school systems.

Teaching CRT hurts the country, doesn’t help it. Trying to make today’s youth feel guilty for being one color or being victimized for being another color only seeks to divide us even more. That’s his point.

And there are plenty of conservative teachers out there; unfortunately many are being forced to be silent. Most likely because they’re choosing to actually teach and not force their biased opinions on to students. The ones who won’t be silenced are getting pushed out because they interfere with the Left’s agenda.

So yes, let’s put cameras in the classrooms so that we can ensure our kids are being taught to love this great country of ours, not hate it. That they’re being taught true history, not rewritten history to meet an agenda.

There are thousands of great teachers out there, both liberal and conservative alike. But there are thousands of bad ones out there too, with only an agenda in mind. Let’s get them out of the system and go back to actually teaching our kids.

The whole point of the article is that CRT is NOT being taught. It’s a non-existent problem looking for an imaginary solution. Nobody is trying to make any child feel guilty, or to hate our country.

Dana C. What is this “rewritten history” that you speak of and are so opposed to? The history that tells the truth to our children? The history that teaches about the slave trade, the near genocide of native Americans, the bloodiest war in our history fought for the right to continue keeping other humans as slaves, the decades of terror caused by the lynching of African Americans, the decades of Jim Crow laws disenfranchising African Americans, the Tulsa race massacre, “separate but equal” laws, red-lining laws that denied African Americans the opportunity to build wealth through home ownership in good neighborhoods, arbitrary laws passed in the 90’s that massively punished those with crack cocaine while giving a slap on the wrist to those with powder cocaine (not racially motivated at all…sarcasm emoji), or the continued unequal treatment by police based on the color of one’s skin (not always…but TOO often). How will teaching our children the pseudo-patriotic lie that our country has always done the right thing ever help us to become better. How can anything change for the better if we don’t understand how we’ve been wrong in the past …whether that’s you or me personally or a system that’s been created, perpetuated, and sustained to keep those of us with white skin on the top of the heap? I suppose when your kids (if you have them) do something wrong you resolve it by simply telling them that everything is just fine? Of course you don’t. The only way a person or community or nation can change from doing “wrong” things is to first learn how and why they were wrong so that they might be motivated to change for the better. And still, often the laws have to change to force us to stop doing the wrong and start doing the right. Families let alone nations don’t get better by pretending that no wrong was/is never done. “We the People of the United States, IN ORDER to form a more perfect Union…” In order for us to form a more perfect union, we MUST know our errors and our failings, so that we can correct them. This is what teaching true history accomplishes.

“Not to know what has been transacted in former times is to continue always a child.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

From one actual teacher to another: Amen. Bring on the cameras! The public might learn compassion among dozens of other things our American progeny died in wars for us to know, such as the importance of combatting fascism.

“our American progeny died in wars” ? They died before they were even born? I agree with “the importance of combatting fascism.” The RQ party is steeped in it.

I would like to point out my love for your kind-heartedness in support of folks that have the need for help on this one subject. Your real commitment to passing the message across was wonderfully effective and have specifically allowed guys and women much like me to attain their endeavors. Your new useful help denotes a great deal a person like me and a whole lot more to my office workers. Best wishes; from each one of us.

Professors at my college have asked the Board of Trustees to visit our classrooms to see what we do. I wish people would have been able to see how tough things were during COVID last semester and could be again if people won’t get vaccinated.

I’m teaching kindergartners to use empathy to better understand those who might be different from themselves. We read books about diverse characters, including a young boy named Ron McNair, who grew up in Georgia in the 1950s and wasn’t allowed to get a library card because he was Black (he grew up to be an astronaut on the Challenger mission). And one about a young girl named Katherine “Tubby” Johnston, who also grew up in the 50s and wasn’t allowed to play Little League baseball because she was a girl. And one about another young girl Jennifer Keegan, who was told she couldn’t go to school because she used a wheelchair, and then used her voice and body in protest to help get the ADA passed… in the 1990s. We talked about fairness (Ohhh, do 5 year olds ever have a good sense of that!), offered context they could understand about how long ago (or not) these things happened, how they’d feel if they had that experience, whether they’d ever experienced anything like that in their own lives, and what they might do or say if they saw someone being treated that way. If that makes me a pinko commie, I’ll take it.

Patrick – I’m a former Iowan and you’re my new hero. Thank you for posting this. Please keep up the fight. Teachers are all heroes and I have the highest regard for you and your colleagues.

David, I just came here to say the exact same thing to Patrick. Former Waterlooian representing.

Were I near where Patrick is, geographically, I’d be contributing to his class’s money jar for paper and pencils, absorbing his “sketchy saxophone” work, and auditing like hell any and everything he taught about communication. Bravo, Mr. Kearney!

The West Coast of North America is on fire again, my family in Texas are waiting for flooding to recede, every year gets hotter, every year hurricane season lasts longer (and costs more), American infrastructure is crumbling and we continue to be surpassed by other nations in numerous categories, our Congress is in gridlock, and millions of people don’t trust the result of our last election. And yet – we spend all our time talking about the made-up problem of CRT being taught to elementary school children. I guess fake furor over “canceling” Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss never really caught on, so this is our new cultural bogeyman. We are being divided, distracted, and dehumanized every day.

Tucker and his minions don’t believe anything not driven by profit, like public (not private) schools, is a drain on the resources of our country. Because teachers are unionized, they seen as another handout of benefits and money, with no accountability at the publics’ expense. Betsy DeVos and her push for privatization of schools in Michigan resulted in draining resources from the public/free schools that serve EVERYBODY no matter their income level. And school of choice, a policy she and her husband vowed in ’99 would “fundamentally improve education” dropped the states’ fourth grade reading level from 28th in the nation in ’03 to 41st in ’15. Could it also be because public schools are diverse racially and sexually (gasp!)? Unlike Holland Christian (Betsy’s high school) where everyone is white, wealthy and potentially closeted. I say this as someone who lives near Holland and know many people who attended there. Conservatives don’t care about the poor, and people who don’t see Jesus as their savior, they care about keeping their money and sticking to their white tribes. So they attempt to tear everything down that the country as a whole benefits from.

wow. So far from the point on so many of these comments. First, Patrick Kearney does a fine job of breaking down why Carlson’s argument is both unfeasible and unlikely. And more to the point, what happens when the video is collected? Is Tucker Carlson going to be the arbiter of what is and isn’t appropriate to teach in schools? I think not. Also, most of what is being legislated now around the country regarding CRT is reactionary and misinformed. I am a 30 year high school teacher and don’t know of anyone who was mandated or took it up themselves to ‘teach’ CRT. Does it come up in conversation? Yes, like a thousand other topics, and like many of those other topics, students are both curious and only partially informed. So if answering questions or helping students to research in order to be more informed is tantamount to teacher CRT, we need more not less of this. We need more teachers answering tough questions and more willingness on the part of students to investigate rather than repeat what they have read in headlines somewhere. That Tucker Carlson knows anything about teaching or schools is on display each time he opines about these topics and demonstrates how he hasn’t been in a public school in long enough to know the difference between CRT and RNA.

Thank you for an entertaining, well written and researched blog post on Tucker Carlson. I’m still reeling from the fact he came from the Swanson TV Dinner clan, ha ha. My husband is a retired teacher and I know first hand from that and my own education and that of my child….public schools do an incredible job educating and it’s a job only a teacher could love. It’s extremely difficult and challenging and you’d have to do it for the sake of teaching, it’s certainly not the pay! Critics of public education should have to spend a year teaching (pity the children) but they’d see how difficult it is, but rewarding. Education is about …….actual facts and knowledge and the application of them to make our lives and society a better place. There’s been some ‘alteration’ of the truth as far as our history as a country and it should be corrected and explored honestly. Lying about it certainly won’t make it any different than it actually was and is.

Thank you very much for this pointed response. Tucker Carlson is an embarrassment to this country – as are those that listen and agree. The right has gone insane since the Trump coup failed and now they know it’s time to pay the piper. LOL.

I agree with everything 100%. I would add this: If cameras were a part of the classroom maybe people would see how difficult our jobs are. Folks who do not spend time in a school seem to think that our classrooms function like a movie or tv show utopia, where kids are reasonably well-behaved and polite and cooperative. They listen attentively to the teacher, do their work, are disappointed with a bad grade, etc. Parents and outsiders hear, and believe, reports from kids about what happens in the classroom and have no idea what reality looks like. I’m a middle school teacher. I think folks would be surprised at a lot of things: sheer number of disruptions, rude behavior, technology issues, students’ talking and joking, students’ lack of motivation, etc.

Compelling piece Patrick…I wish had written this piece! Well stated and a reasoned argument, something the right wing conservatives struggle with!

No denying that teachers DO teach all those wonderful things – but yes, they also teach the party line.
You ask why conservatives won’t teach? They can and do, if the school’s human resources person does not check their political affiliation or if the person was hired many years ago, has tenure, and teaches what they’re ordered to teach.

I’m willing to acknowledge that this may not be the case in all schools, but it sure is in my school district and those l’ve heard about, and educational materials sent to me as a teacher / potential buyer certainly lean this way.

Yep. As usual. This time though, you had me reading and agreeing… then you had to start bashing Tucker’s family, the Salisbury steak, and on and on. That’s the far left liberal way. Tell what they feel is the truth and then start bashing anything they can. You knows that CRT is dangerous. But you won’t say that. Tucker needs to shut his pie hole when he doesn’t know the facts, like the cameras. Teachers have it horrible right now and the big teachers unions in liberal cities are making it even more difficult. But CRT is plain bad. And it’s not taught in EVERY school so if “Tuck” said that he is wrong. But I don’t recall that. The far left want to erase history as being racist when in fact it’s wonderful lessons about what TO DO AND NOT TO DO. But… you HAD to play the “bash the family” and “bash the person” card instead of stating facts. You had me interested and agreeing. Then you pulled the idiot card. 🤦🏻‍♀️. And a little tidbit for Mr. Kearney: Tucker Carlsons father married the Swanson heir when Tucker was 10 years old. Tucker never used the name and was never related to the family. The family sold the company years ago. Tucker has never been a part of that. So fact check that! You seem just angry, and sad to me. Stooping so low. Oh well. It’s the far left liberal way. Nothing new here. Carry on.

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