A Lot of People Are Saying

A lot of people are saying that Iowa’s governor and legislature have done a poor job of supporting Iowa’s public schools in recent years.  These are some of the best people.  You hear them right?  These people are saying that Iowa’s legislators have continued to give big businesses tax breaks that have caused a stagnation in revenue growth.  Some people with really good brains, I mean these are some smart folks, say that if Iowa were to reduce the amount of business tax credits just slightly, that there would be adequate resources available to adequately fund schools and other public priorities.

There are people who say our governor and his friends in the legislature have consistently been in violation of Iowa law by not approving school budgets in a timely fashion as they are required to do.  There are also people who say that this education funding thing is rigged.  I mean, really, people say it is rigged.  It is rigged because many legislator’s true agenda is to promote the privatization of our schools (creating profit for their wealthy donors).  You hear people say it all the time.  You hear some really quality people say that some of our legislators don’t respect public school teachers.  Could our legislators be rigging the system to deny our public schools adequate funding?  I mean, I don’t know, but it’s something I hear people saying.

You know what else?  Our fancy elite governor and his legislator pals don’t want you to look at how these types of policies have played out in other states.  People in Kansas and Louisiana are saying that their high-brow legislators have already enacted policies that cut taxes for businesses and made massive cuts to public education.  Some of the best people in Kansas say that it has been a disaster.  The real patriots of Kansas just ousted 11 conservative legislators during their primaries who were at the heart of the disastrous policies that have left Kansas in a fiscal and public education crisis.  A lot of people in Kansas are saying that it is crazy that Iowa’s governor and legislators are continuing down that same path.

This election is about making Iowa great.  The governor isn’t up for election so maybe there isn’t anything we can do, although those Education People, maybe there is, I don’t know.  I mean, maybe those Education People will get out and demand that our state rise up to support public education.  Maybe those Education People will refuse to believe that it is more important that our state continue to cut taxes for our largest businesses while claiming there isn’t enough revenue for school funding to keep up with inflation.

I hear from lots of people who want change.  I hear from people from all over the state who tell me that they want our legislators to support public education.  If the Education People don’t win all over Iowa, maybe the system is just rigged?  I mean, public education can only lose if the election is rigged right?  That’s what a lot of people are saying.

Well, let’s be honest, the election won’t be rigged.  We have real choices to make.  We only have to look to Kansas to see an electorate that has had enough with the failed policies of “trickle down” economics.  November presents us with an opportunity to hold Iowa’s legislators accountable for their actions.  What we do with our resources speaks to our priorities.  The current legislative majority in the Iowa House’s priority has been to cut taxes for big business at the expense of water quality, mental health, and Iowa’s schools.  A lot of people say it’s time for a change.


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