A Great Job

It has been an interesting few days.  I have received a lot of attention, most of it very flattering.  I have particularly appreciated receiving notes from young teachers.  The future of our profession is in good hands based on the kind and thoughtful interactions I have had these last few days.

I have one wish for these young educators.  I hope they find a job that they love as much as I love mine.  I get to go to work every day with talented young people who have chosen to be in my classes.  They work hard and together we get to create art.  I work with incredible colleagues.  I watched a Government class this week that was taught by a master teacher.  I saw him ask probing questions to a really diverse group of kids and see all of them gain a deeper understanding of important content.  In addition I have had a bunch of really great reflective conversations with colleagues this week. I teach in a fantastic community who values a varied and rigorous curriculum.

I’m a lucky man.  If you had asked 22 year old Patrick Kearney what he wanted to do with his life he would have said that he wanted to be married to a lovely woman who would be a great mother.  He would want to be a father of a talented young man.  He would have also said that he wanted be a music educator in a place where I could work with the best young people anywhere.  He would want to stay in contact with alumni who he would get to see succeed and flourish.  He would have friends and colleagues who challenge him and make him smile.  Well 22 year old me, it has come true.  I wish the same for all of my young colleagues.  Dream big and stand tall.


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